Your question: How much does the Denver Nuggets mascot make?

The highest-paid mascot in the professional sports industry is the NBA’s Rocky, according to Sapling. The Denver Nuggets mascot makes over 10 times the average salary for a professional sports team mascot with a salary of $625,000.

How much do college mascots get paid?

Mascot average salary by State

State Avg. salary Hourly rate
California California $72,867 $72,867 $35.03 $35.03
Colorado Colorado $60,174 $60,174 $28.93 $28.93
Connecticut Connecticut $87,384 $87,384 $42.01 $42.01
Delaware Delaware $84,740 $84,740 $40.74 $40.74

How much does a NBA Waterboy get paid?

According to the NBA G-League, the average salary of an NBA waterboy stands at $35,000. This salary can increase with your experience.

How much does an NFL mascot make?

In general, NFL mascots make around $60,000 a year in the NFL. He also mentioned that mascots don’t get paid because they are liked and they have a good relationship with their bosses. They get paid only when they are skilled, trained performers who deliver revenue.

Do mascots talk?

Don’t Talk While in Costume

The number one rule for how to be a mascot is not to talk while in costume. Mascots are not supposed to talk, and if you do it will break character. Instead of using your voice, you will need to use expressions and movements to communicate—your body needs to speak for you.

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How much does Benny the Bull make?

Chicago Bulls’ Benny the Bull is second behind Rocky in terms of annual salary. Benny commands $200,000 yearly for his services. He has the distinction as the NBA’s first mascot, having performed for the Bulls since 1969.

What do school mascots do?

Your mascot provides a common label for all students, alumni, and faculty―it creates a sense of belonging. Your school mascot unites everyone under one name, makes everyone feel included, and connects students to each other and to the school.

Why do mascots hide their identity?

Anonymity is vital to most programs because the mascot itself has its own identity, engrained in the tradition of the institution. From a fan’s perspective, anonymity makes watching and interacting with the mascot more fun. In addition, the mystery surrounding the mascot’s identity is part of the allure.

How much does a NBA cheerleader make?

According to information from ESPN in 2017, cheerleaders earn between $75 to $150 per NBA game. Many people think that it is a great reward for a match lasting 3 hours. However, once you know everything related to their work, that amount of money may not seem like a good payoff.

How much do NFL camera operators make?

According to, the average annual NBA cameraman salary is $66,192, the average annual ESPN cameraman salary is $74,542, and the average annual NFL cameraman salary is $93,316 .

How much money does a punter make in the NFL?

2021 Punter Average Rankings

Player average
1 Hekker Johnny Hekker LAR $3,762,943
2 Dickson Michael Dickson SEA $3,675,000
3 Way Tress Way WAS $3,412,500
4 Kern Brett Kern TEN $3,162,500
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What does it take to be a mascot?

Working towards a career as a professional mascot will always involve lots of practice and preferably, professional mascot training. Your training can take a number of different forms, from gymnastics, dance and acting lessons to mascot performance training from expert performers like the ones at Hogtown Mascots.

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