What is the newest Amulet book?

Is there a 9th amulet book?

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Amulet 9 is the final book in the series.

What age is amulet appropriate for?

I think the best recommended age for this book is roughly 10-15 but personally I think it could easily interest a more people. The book is around young kids but not childish as many comic type novels are.

What is the name of the world in amulet?

So begins the first book in the Amulet series, The Stonekeeper. It turns out that the necklace is a powerful amulet that can control and protect any surrounding life force. Emily’s grandfather’s last wish was for her to take up the stone and help save this strange world, known as Alledia, from an evil elf king.

Who is Max in amulet?

Max Griffin is a recurring villain in the Amulet series. He makes his first appearance in “The Cloud Searchers”.

What level is amulet?

Before long, a sinister creature lures the kids’ mom through a door in the basement.

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Who is Kazu Kibuishi wife?

Is Kazu Kibuishi Japanese?

Kazu was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1978, and his brother was born in 1979. The family moved back to the United States in 1981, and the boys grew up near Los Angeles, California. Kazu began drawing comics at the age of 5.

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