Was Ann Putnam accused of witchcraft?

Ann Putnam Jr. was a twelve-year-old girl who was the leader of the Circle girls. The Circle girls were a group of young women who would name witches during the Salem Witch Trials. Ann accused sixty-two people of witchcraft, and nineteen of those people were unjustly executed.

Was Ann Putnam accused of witchcraft in The Crucible?

Ann Putnam Wife of Thomas Putnam. She believes that a witch is responsible for the deaths of her seven infant children. Her jealousy of Rebecca Nurse leads her to accuse Goody Nurse of being a witch.

Is Ann Putnam to blame?

Putnam is also slightly resentful of Nurse, because Rebecca Nurse has successfully given birth to many children and has many grandchildren. However, Ann Putnam does openly lay the blame for three of her children’s deaths on Goody Osburn.

Who delivered Ann Putnam’s babies?

Goody Osburn has delivered 3 of Mrs. Putnam’s babies. The babies died & Mrs. Putnam blames Goody Osburn.

Why does Putnam accuse his neighbors of witchcraft How do you know?

Thomas Putnam was one of the few men in Salem who had the means to buy the property. Giles feels Putnam is so greedy for land that he is willing to have his neighbors hanged for witchcraft to get it. Later, Giles Corey found a way to get around this law.

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For what reason does Ann Putnam send Ruth to the forest?

Putnam admits that she sent Ruth to Tituba so that Tituba could conjure Ruth’s dead sisters in order to find out who murdered them. All of Ann’s children except Ruth have died as infants.

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