What name means fox?

What name means fox in Japanese?

Kitsune means “fox” in Japanese.

What boy name means fox?

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Name Gender Meaning
Balgair Boy Fox
Balgaire Boy Fox
Charan (चारण) Boy Fox
Chula Girl fox

What is the meaning of Fox name?

The name Fox is primarily a male name of English origin that means Wild Animal In Dog Family.

What are some fox names?

10 Famous Fox Names

  • Fiona the Fox.
  • Mrs. Fox.
  • Maid Marian – Robin Hood.
  • Foxy the Pirate.
  • Swiper the Fox.
  • Mr. Tod.
  • Gideon Grey.
  • Rocky.

What boy name means wolf?

Sigewulf. The name has a Germanic origin and it means “A Victorious wolf”. This is a nice boy name that means wolf.

Is fox a weird name?

The name Fox is a boy’s name. Fox is one animal name backed by a longish tradition, and then popularized via the lead character Fox Mulder on X Files. Fox is simple, sleek, and a little bit wild, and could make an interesting middle name.

What is called Camel baby?

Baby camels are called calves. The newborn calf is able to walk within 30 minutes, though the two won’t rejoin the herd until around two weeks later.

Is fox a German name?

The German word is Fuchs, often anglicized to Fox. The Irish source is either the Gaelic Sionnach or the Anglo-Norman de Bosque. In each case, the root is the animal, the fox. Fox must have started out as a nickname.

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Is fox a male name?

Fox as a boy’s name is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Fox is “fox”.

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