What is the meaning of the name Violetta?

vi(o)-letta, viol(et)-ta. Popularity:2856. Meaning:purple.

What does the name Violetta mean for a girl?

The name Violetta is primarily a female name of Italian origin that means Violet Flower.

Is Violeta an Italian name?

Violeta Origin and Meaning

The name Violeta is a girl’s name meaning “purple; violet (flower)”. Violeta is the variation of Violet found throughout Eastern Europe — the name is styled this way in Bulgarian and Roumanian as well as other languages — and Spain, while Violetta is the Italian form.

What nationality is the name Violetta?

The name Violetta is a girl’s name of Italian origin meaning “purple”. Violetta is a more vibrantly colored, feminissima form of Violet.

What does the name Berthold mean?

Berthold Name Meaning

German and Scandinavian: from the Germanic personal name Bertwald, composed of the elements berht ‘bright’, ‘famous’ + wald ‘rule’. The second element has been altered by association with German hold ‘lovely’, ‘splendid’.

Is Violette a name?

The name Violette is a girl’s name of French origin meaning “purple”.

What are Italian last names?

According to the site Italianames [1], the following are the most common surnames in Italy:

  • Rossi.
  • Russo.
  • Ferrari.
  • Esposito.
  • Bianchi.
  • Romano.
  • Colombo.
  • Ricci.

Is Eren a German name?

Eren Jaeger – Eren [Er-en, E-ren] is Turkish/Celtic in origin. It’s meaning is literally taken from the word Eren, which means Saint. Jaeger [Ya-ger, Je-ger] is German in origin (Jäger.) It means Hunter or Huntsman.

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Is bertholdt a name?

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Means “bright ruler” from the Germanic element beraht “bright” combined with wald “rule”.

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