What is the meaning of the name Lorraine?

Derived from Old French origin meaning ‘from Lorraine’ it is predominantly used in English and French. Lorraine derives from the Germanic Lothar meaning ‘famous army’.

What is the meaning of the name Loraine?

In German Baby Names the meaning of the name Loraine is: Made famous in battle.

Does Lorraine mean warrior?

Does Lorraine mean warrior? MEANING: This name derives from the Old High German name “Chlothar / Chlodochar”, composed of two elements: “*hlūdaz” (to hear, loud, sound, noise / famous) and “*harjaz” (army, army leader, commander, warrior). In turn, the name means “famous warrior, army (kingdom of Lothar)”.

What name is short for Lorraine?

Lorraine (given name)

Alternative spelling Loraine, Lorayne
Nickname(s) Lori/Lorri(e), Raine(y), Reina
Related names Laura, Laurène, Lareine, Lauren, Laraine, Lorena

Where does name Lorraine come from?

Lorraine Name Meaning

English and French: regional name from the border region of Lorraine in northeastern France, so called from the Germanic tribal name Lotharingi ‘people of Lothar’ (a personal name composed of the elements hlod ‘famous’, ‘renowned’ + hari, heri ‘army’).

Lorraine Origin and Meaning

It was quite popular from the 1920s to the fifties, but has pretty much been in limbo since then.

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Is Lorraine a Catholic name?

When Joan of Arc was canonized in 1920, the Catholic church accepted Lorraine as a baptismal name in her honor. Though now rare in France, Lorraine is still occasionally given in the region of Lorraine and by descendants of the French nobility.

What does Lorraine mean in Quiche Lorraine?

The word ‘quiche’ comes from the German word kuchen, meaning cake. Thus quiche is a savoury cake, and Lorraine is a rather new name for a region that, under Germanic rule, was called the Kingdom of Lothringen.

Is Lorraine a Scottish name?

Found in the recorded spellings of Lorrain, Lorraine, Lorain(e) and Lorne this picturesque surname is regarded today as being Scottish, although curiously the form as Loraine would seem to be English and North Country. … In the way of such regional surnames, it is also recorded in France in the same spellings.

Is Lori short for Lorraine?

What name is Lori short for? Lori is a short form of Loretta, Laura or Lorraine.

Who is Lorraine Moropa?

Lorraine Moropa is a South African actress best known for her starring role as Dimpho, a teenager who falls in love with a blesser, in the SABC2 drama series Guilt.

What language does my name come from?

The name My is primarily a female name of Scandinavian origin that means Form Of Mary.

What does the name natela mean?

Derived from Georgian ნათელი (nateli) meaning “light, bright”.

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