What is the meaning of the name Lenard?

l(e)-na-rd. Origin:French. Popularity:15996. Meaning:Lion-born.

What nationality is the last name Lenard?

Lenard Name Meaning

French (Lénard), English, German, Dutch, and Hungarian (Lénárd): from a Germanic personal name (see Leonard).

What does the name Leonard mean in the Bible?

Sometimes there may be more than one explanation for the same name. This family name is a patronymic surname based on a male ancestor’s given name, in this case of biblical origin. Leonard, a German variant of Leo, is a form of the Hebrew Arie, which means “lion”.

What does the name neito mean?

In this case, the surname derives from the Castilian word “nieto,” meaning “grandson.” As a nickname, “Nieto” referred to the grandson of an elderly person, well known in his community; most likely someone with profound knowledge, or one who held a certain professional position.

Is Leonard a French name?

Leonard Name Meaning

English and French (Léonard): from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements leo ‘lion’ (a late addition to the vocabulary of Germanic name elements, taken from Latin) + hard ‘hardy’, ‘brave’, ‘strong’, which was taken to England by the Normans.

Is Larry Short for Leonard?

Larry is a masculine given name in English, derived from Lawrence or Laurence. It can be a shortened form of those names.


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Gender Male
Word/name English
Meaning Laurel crowned or From Laurentum, Italy
Other names

What is the full meaning of Leonard?

The name has come to mean “lion strength“, “lion-strong”, or “lion-hearted”. Leonard was the name of a Saint in the Middle Ages period, known as the patron saint of prisoners.

What is a nickname for Leonard?

Common Nicknames for Leonard: Len. Lenny. Leo.

What language does my name come from?

The name My is primarily a female name of Scandinavian origin that means Form Of Mary.

Is Leon short for Leonardo?

Name Variations

Variations of the name Leo are: Leon (Greek) Leonard (German) Leonardo (Italian)

What does the name Sheldon mean?

Sheldon Name Meaning

ð ‘heath(er)’ + dun ‘hill’). There are also places called Sheldon in Devon (from Old English scylf ‘shelf’ + denu ‘valley’) and Birmingham (from Old English scylf + dun ‘hill’).

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