What does the name Tippi mean?

t(ip)-pi. Origin:Swedish. Popularity:7570. Meaning:sweetheart.

What is the name Tippi short for?

Tippi Origin and Meaning

The name Tippi is a girl’s name of American origin. … Although the name will inevitably be reminiscent of Hedren, it could make a cute short form for a name such as Tiffany or Philippa.

Is Tippi short for something?

Though it sounds like a pixie-ish character in a children’s nursery rhyme, Tippi is the name of actress Tippi Hedren, who was most famous for starring in Hitchcock’s The Birds and giving birth to Melanie Griffith.


meaning Short for Xanthippe
nicknames Tip
variations Tippie Tippee Tippey Tippy
popularity chart births

What does tippy mean in Swedish?

Tippi. as a girls’ name is of Swedish origin. From the Swedish nickname “Tupsa” meaning “sweetheart”.

What does the name dancia mean?

The name Danica is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Morning Star.

Is Tippy a dog name?

Tippy. Tippy was the top name for dogs in the 1940s, per FirstVet. Marilyn Monroe had a dog named Tippy as a child in the 1930s, and Tippie was a dog in the comic strip “Cap Stubbs and Tippie,” which ran from 1918 to 1966.

Is Toppy a name?

Toppy is the name given to seven cloned Labrador Retriever dogs, born in late 2007 to three surrogate mothers. They were the world’s first cloned working dogs, and were used by the Korea Customs Service. … Only 10-15% of dogs are genetically predisposed to being effective detection dogs.

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