What does the name Susie mean biblically?

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Susie is: Graceful lily.

Is the name Susie in the Bible?

Susanna is a feminine first name. It is the name of women in the Biblical books of Daniel and Luke.

Where does the name Suzie come from?

About Suzie

Suzie is a spelling variant of Susie. Both of the names came about as pet form of either of the names Susan or Susanna. Both of the names are from the same origin, coming from a Hebrew word meaning ‘Flower’.

What is Susie a nickname for?

Suzie or Susie is a feminine given name, and is a short form (hypocorism) of Suzanne, Susannah or Susan.

Is Susanna a good name?

Susanna is an old and under-appreciated name, perhaps because of the recent overpopularity of Susan, that is certainly due for a comeback. The Susannah spelling is just as appropriate as Susanna. … Susannah seems more old-school Biblical and more self-contained, while Susanna resembles a smoosh name: Sue + Anna.

Where is the name Susanna in the Bible?

Though Susanna finds her roots in the Hebrew Bible, endurance of the name among Christianized Europeans in the Middle Ages is owed to Susanna from the New Testament (Luke 8:3), briefly mentioned for her role in spreading the “good news of the kingdom of God.” Used occasionally in medieval times, Susanna gained more …

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What does Susanna mean in Spanish?

votes. Hola, Rasha, Heidita is correct about its origin. The Hebrew spelling is translated into English as Susannah. The meaning, Lily (flower) would be the same in any language.

What is Susie’s last name?

Susie Stewart (Headcanon) | Wiki | Five Nights At Freddy’s Amino.

Is Susie a boy name?

The name Susie is a girl’s name meaning “lily”.

Is the name Susan making a comeback?

Popular names from that decade set to make a comeback include Brian, Barry and Patricia. Other names to look out for include Cliff, Christine and Susan. Popular culture also seems to be playing a role in the names parents are giving their children.

Is Suzie an Italian name?

Susie in Italian is Susanna.

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