What does the name Radka mean?

r(a)-dka, rad-ka. Meaning:happy.

What is Radka short for?

Radka is female given name. Diminutive of Slavic names beginning with rad care, joy. Feminine version of Radek. Similar names are Radana, Radimíra, Raduše, Radmila, Radomira, Radoslava. Pronounced RAHD-kah.

What nationality is the name Radka?

The name Radka is primarily a female name of Bulgarian origin that means Care, Joy.

What does the name Cashus mean?

The name Cassius is a boy’s name of Latin origin meaning “hollow”.

What does the name Cassidy mean for a girl?

Cassidy is a given name derived from an Irish surname and ultimately from the Goidelic given name Caiside, meaning “clever” or “curly-haired.” The name Caiside comes from the Irish word element cas. … It was most popular in 1999, when it was the 99th most popular name for American girls.

Is Cassius a boy or girl name?

The name Cassius is primarily a male name of Latin origin that means Vain. Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali), boxer.

Is Cassius a good name?

At the end of the day, Cassius is super rare and uncommon, but it’s a name to consider in our opinion. Yes, it will always bring to mind the iconic Cassius Clay, but it’s also an ancient name that has been around forever. Seriously, this is one of the oldest on our list. It’s a cool name for the bold parents.

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Is Camden a name?

The name Camden is a boy’s name of Scottish origin meaning “winding valley”. Camden is a surprise hit, probably as a result of some star baby cred: it has been chosen by no less than four celebrity parents since 2012.

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