What does the name Perin mean?

The prominent surname Perin originated in France, a country which has been a dominant presence in world affairs for centuries. … They derive from the language of the Visigoths, who controlled France between the mid-5th and early 8th centuries. The name Perin is derived, from the French name Pierre, meaning rock.

What does dweller by the Pear Tree mean?

The name Peri is primarily a female name of English origin that means Dweller By The Pear-tree. … Also a Persian name meaning ‘fairy‘. Hebrew for ‘fruit’.

What does the name Pinkett mean?

The Pictish clans of ancient Scotland were the ancestors of first people to use the name Pinkett. The name was found in Picardy, a region of northern France. … Alternatively, the name could have been derived from the word “pic” or “pick,” which is a Teutonic word for “hard” or “brave.”

What kind of name is Perin?

The name Perin is derived, from the French name Pierre, meaning rock.

What kind of name is Perrin?

as a girls’ name (also used as boys’ name Perrin) is of Greek and Latin origin, and the meaning of Perrin is “rock; wanderer”. Feminine of Peter or Peregrine. Also form of Perri.

What dweller means?

a person who lives in a city, town, cave, etc. Synonyms. denizen literary. inhabitant.

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What is Perry a nickname for?

It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Perry is “traveler, wanderer”. Surname and a short form of Peregrine. Also possibly derived from an Old English word referring to a person who lived or worked around a pear tree. Modern use has been inspired by fictional detective Perry Mason.

Is Perrin a French name?

English and French: from the Middle English, Old French personal name Perrin, a pet form of French Pierre (see Peter).

How common is the name Perrin?

Perrin has been in long use as a surname, derived from Peter, and is now used quietly as a first name. It was given in 2014 to 33 boys and 15 girls in the US.

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