What does the name Malee mean?

Welsh form of Molly or Thai. “jasmine flower”

What is the meaning of Malee?

The name Malee is of Thai origin. The meaning of Malee is “flower”. Malee is generally used as a girl’s name.

Is Malee a Thai name?

More info about the name “Malee”

Malee originates in Thai language and it means “flower”.

What does the name Pacita mean?

According to 2 people from Philippines and the United States, the name Pacita is of Scandinavian origin and means “Eye of god”.

What does the name Willem mean?

Willem is the Dutch version of William, from the Old High German name, Willahelm, from wil, meaning “will”, and helm, meaning “helmet, guardian”.

What Mallee means?

1 : any of various low-growing shrubby Australian eucalypts (such as Eucalyptus dumosa and E. oleosa) 2 : a dense thicket or growth of mallees also : land covered by such growth.

How do you pronounce Malee?

What does Malee mean? The name Malee can pronounced as “MAH-lee” in text or letters.

What is a Papacita?

1. ( colloquial) (attractive man) (Latin America) handsome.

What type of name is Willem?

Willem (Dutch pronunciation: [ˈʋɪləm]) is a Dutch and West Frisian masculine given name. The name is Germanic, and can be seen as the Dutch equivalent of the name William in English, Guillaume in French, Guilherme in Portuguese, Guillermo in Spanish and Wilhelm in German.

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Will the name?

In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Will is: Resolute protector; will.

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