What does the last name Espinosa mean?

Spanish: habitational name from any of the numerous places named Espinosa, from a collective form of espina ‘thorn’.

Who was the first Espinoza?

There are two alternative legends, the first says that its first bearer was Count Sancho; and the second says that the surname was brought from Italy by the descendants of Guido and Oberto Visconti: the Spinola family, from which the family name arose.

How do you spell Espinosa?

Espinoza Name Meaning

South American spelling of Spanish Espinosa; the spelling with -z- represents a voiced pronunciation heard in some Latin-American countries, whereas in Castilian Spanish it now has an unvoiced -s-.

What does the last name still mean?

Scottish, English, and German: nickname for a calm man, from Middle English, Middle High German stille ‘calm’, ‘still’. The German name may also have denoted a (deaf) mute, from the same word in the sense ‘silent’.

What does Espinosa mean in English?

Spanish: habitational name from any of the numerous places named Espinosa, from a collective form of espina ‘thorn’.

Where does the last name Espinoza originate from?

Espinosa or Espinoza is a Spanish and Portuguese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Abe Espinosa (1889–1980), American golfer. Al Espinosa (1891–1957), American golfer.

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What is a zilch?

Zilch is zero or nearly zero. This is a slangy term for nothing at all. If you have nothing in your bank account, you have zilch. If you no money in your pockets, you have zilch. People usually use this word when they’re being humorous or informal.

What are some Mexican last names?

List of the most common surnames in Mexico:

  • Hernández – 5,526,929.
  • García – 4,129,360.
  • Martínez – 3,886,887.
  • González – 3,188,693.
  • López – 3,148,024.
  • Rodríguez – 2,744,179.
  • Pérez – 2,746,468.
  • Sánchez – 2,234,625.

How common is the last name still?

Still (745) may also be a first name.

Still Surname Distribution Map.

Place United States
Incidence 15,723
Frequency 1:23,053
Rank in Area 2,896

Where did the word still originate?

From Middle English stille (“motionless, stationary”), from Old English stille (“still, quiet, calm; without motion, at rest, not moving from a place, not disturbed; moving little or gently; silent; not loud; secret; unchanging, undisturbed, stable, fixed; not vehement, gentle”), from Proto-West Germanic *stillī (“ …

Is Espinosa a common last name?

Espinosa Surname Definition:

Common surname found over all Spain.

Who is Espinoza Boxing?

Stephen Espinoza is one of boxing’s elite powerbrokers. During his relatively short tenure so far as head of Showtime Sports, he has led one of boxing’s premier cable network giants from clear second place to viable contender for HBO’s throne of top boxing programmer in America.

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