What does the Irish name Eimear mean?

The meaning of this lovely name is believed to derive from the Irish word ‘eimh’, meaning ‘swift’. So, believe us, an Eimear will be quick to correct you if you call her something daft, especially if you decide that calling her Emma is a good attempt at making friends.

Where does the name Eimear come from?

The name Eimear is primarily a female name of Irish origin that means Swift. Variant of the old Gaelic name, Emer. In Irish legend Emer was the wife of Cuchulainn and possessed the six gifts of womanhood: beauty, voice, speech, needlework, wisdom and chastity.

What is Eimear in English?

Emer was a very common name for girls around the Midlands of Ireland. The name means that she has the “Six Gifts of Womanhood” – “beauty, a gentle voice, sweet words, wisdom, needlework and chastity”.

What is the Irish for Aoife?

Aoife. Derived from aoibh, meaning beauty, Aoife (eefa) is another feminine name. It’s from the same root word as Aoibheann (ay-veen or eve-een), also a popular moniker.

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What does the name Eimer mean?

North German: from a Germanic personal name composed of the elements agi(n) ‘edge’, ‘point’ (of sword) + mar ‘fame’.

What are the 6 gifts of womanhood?

The qualities prized by the ancient Celts: beauty, chastity, sweet speech, needlework, voice and wisdom.

Is Fiadh an Irish name?

Fiadh is a given name for a girl. It is Irish in origin, coming from a word meaning “deer”, “wildness” but also “respect”.

How do I say Eimear?

Like most Irish names, Eimear is another one that may seem overly complex at first sight, but trust us, it’s less of a challenge than you think. In modern Irish, the name is typically pronounced “ee-mer”, like ’emergency’, but without the ‘gency’ or ‘lemur’, but without the ‘l’.

What is the most Irish first name?

Baby Names of Ireland 1964 – 2020

Name Rank Number of Births
Jack 1 597
James 2 495
Noah 3 447
Daniel 4 359

How do you read Aoife?

Aoife is pronounced EE-fa. Caoimhe is pronounced KEE-va or KWEE-va.

How is Siobhan pronounced?


Pronunciation English: /ʃɪˈvɔːn/ shiv-AWN Irish: [ˈʃʊwaːn̪ˠ, ʃəˈwaːn̪ˠ]
Gender Female
Word/name Hebrew יוחנן‎ Yôḥānnān
Meaning God’s grace

How common is the name Aoife in Ireland?

Jack and Aoife were the most popular babies’ names last year, according to figures released by the Central Statistics Office today. There were 846 boys named Jack (3.3 per cent of boys) and 633 girls named Aoife (2.7 per cent of girls) last year.

Is Eimer a male or female name?

Eimear Origin and Meaning

The name Eimear is a girl’s name of Irish Gaelic origin meaning “swift”. Sometimes spelled Emer and pronounced “EE-mer,” the legendary wife of Cuchulainn possessed the six gifts of womanhood: beauty, voice, speech, wisdom, chastity, and needlework.

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What does Emma mean in Gaelic?

Gaelic: ‘bright‘, Princess of the land of Promise who left with Ossian for the Otherworld. 6. Emma. Germanic: ‘universal’ 7.

How do you say Niamh in Irish?

Niamh (Irish: [n̠ʲiəw]; from Old Irish Niaṁ) is an Irish feminine given name (meaning “bright” or “radiant”), anglicised as Neve, Nieve, Neave or Neeve.


Pronunciation English: /niːv/ NEEV Irish: [n̠ʲiəw]
Gender feminine
Language(s) Irish
Word/name Ireland
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