What does name Edie mean?

A pet form of Edith, which is of Old English origin meaning ‘rich in war’ and derived from ead + gth meaning ‘wealth, blessed’ and ‘fight, battle’.

Is Edie a rare name?

Edie was the 1620th most popular girls name. In 2020 there were 127 baby girls named Edie. 1 out of every 13,788 baby girls born in 2020 are named Edie.

Is Edie a Scottish name?

Edie, Eddy, Eddye, Edshune and Edye are found in numerous records in Gloucestershire from 1545 onward. At Woodbridge, Suffolk, Eyde is found as a surname between 1599 and 1610. … Ade, Adie, Addy, Eadie are common Scottish surnames.

What is Edie short for?

The name Edie is primarily a female name of English origin that means Short Form Of Edith. Also short for Edwina.

Is Edie a common name?

Edith is a female given name, derived from the Old English words ēad, meaning ‘riches or blessed’, and is in common usage in this form in English, German, many Scandinavian languages and Dutch. Its French form is Édith.


Meaning ‘riches or blessed’
Other names
Related names Ditte, Edie, Edythe

How do you spell Edie for a girl?

Eadie is the short or pet form of the feminine name Edith and a variant spelling of Edie.

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Where does the name Edie originate from?

Edie Origin and Meaning

The name Edie is a girl’s name of English origin meaning “prosperous in war”.

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How is the name Edie pronounced?

e-die, ed-ie ] The baby girl name Edie is pronounced IY-Diy- †. Edie’s language of origin is Old English and it is used mainly in the English language. Edie is a diminutive form of the English and German Edith.

What is the female version of Edward?

I hate most feminine forms of Edward, or just “Ed” names for girls in general, but the ones I do like the most are: Edelle, Edmè (ed-may), Edie (ee-dee), Edelyn/Edeline (maybe not sure…)

Is Edie short for Elizabeth?

He lists over 230 for Elizabeth alone!

Chart: Some Common English Girls’ Nicknames & Alternate Forms.

Nickname Proper or Alternate Name
Edie Edith, Edwina
Effie, Eppie Euphemia, Hephzibah
Elberta, Elbertine Alberta, Albertine
Elizabeth Isobel and variants, Ishbel
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