Quick Answer: What does the name Tamura mean?

Japanese: usually written with characters meaning ‘rice paddy village’; it is especially common in the Kyoto–Osaka region and the northeast. Most bearers descend from Date Muneyoshi (17th century).

Is Tamura a last name?

Tamura (usually written 田村) is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include: Akihide Tamura (born 1947), Japanese photographer. Atsushi Tamura (born 1973), Japanese comedian.

What does the name Lamonica mean?

Lamonica. as a name for girls is of Latin derivation, and the meaning of the name Lamonica is “advisor”. Lamonica is a variant form of Monica (Latin): of uncertain origin.

What does the name Balderas mean?

Spanish: habitational name from Valderas in León province, so named as valle de eras ‘valley of eras’; era, from Latin area, denoted variously, an area of firm flat land used as a threshing floor, a clearing, or a fertile patch.

What does the name laurenzi mean?

The patronymic surname, which is derived from the father’s given name, was one of the most common name types found in the region of Tuscany. … The surname laurenzi came from the given name Lorenzo, which is derived from the Latin name Laurentius.

What are some Japanese last names?

List of common Japanese surnames

Rank Name Romanization
1 佐藤 Satō
2 鈴木 Suzuki
3 高橋 Takahashi
4 田中 Tanaka

What ethnicity is Lamonica?

Originally French the family branched into Italy during the time of King Alfonzo.

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