Question: What does Bally mean in Irish town names?

Bally in Irish can mean but homestead or settlement and also pass or passage. Essentially it is derived from the Gaelic phrase “baile na” meaning “place of.” So, for example, Ballyjamesduff, in Cavan, is literally the place of James Duff.

How many towns in Ireland start with Bally?

Some 5,000 places in Ireland sport the prefix ‘Bally’, of which 45 bear the nomenclature of Ballybeg (little town). ‘Bally’, or ‘baile’ in Gaelic, is an Irish agrarian division known as a ‘townland’ – a land category which is unique to Ireland.

What does Kil mean in Irish town names?

Names of Irish Gaelic origin

Anglicised spelling Irish English translation
kil, kill cill churchyard or graveyard
kil, kill coill woodland
kin, ken cionn/ceann head
knock cnoc hill

What 5 towns are in Ireland?

The five administrative cities were Cork, Dublin, Galway, Limerick, and Waterford.

What does dun mean in Ireland?

A dun is an ancient or medieval fort. In Ireland and Britain it is mainly a kind of hillfort and also a kind of Atlantic roundhouse.

What does Rath mean in Irish?

(raθ) n. 1. ( Human Geography) Irish history a circular enclosure surrounded by an earthen wall: used as a dwelling and stronghold in former times.

What does Cabra mean in Irish?

Cabra (Irish: An Chabrach, meaning ‘the poor land’) is an inner suburb on the northside of Dublin city in Ireland.

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What does Tully mean in Irish?

Irish (Ulster): reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Taithligh ‘descendant of Taithleach’, a byname meaning ‘quiet’, ‘peaceable’. Irish: reduced Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Maol Tuile ‘descendant of the devotee of the will of God’ (from toil ‘will of God’).

What are common Irish last names?

Common Irish Last Names

  • Murphy – ó Murchadha.
  • Kelly – ó Ceallaigh.
  • Byrne – ó Broin.
  • Ryan – ó Maoilriain.
  • O’Sullivan – ó Súilleabháin.
  • Doyle – ó Dubhghaill.
  • Walsh – Breathnach.
  • O’Connor – ó Conchobhair.
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