Frequent question: What does the name Karana mean?

What does Karana name mean?

User Submitted Meanings

According to a user from California, U.S., the name Karana means “Beginning of something new . New horizons”.

What does the name Deyja mean?

Meanings/definitions of of the name DEYJA? DEYJA name means: D: Meaning of D in the name DEYJA means: You have trouble trusting people.

What is Karana secret name?

It’s after this time together that she tells Tutok her secret name: Karana (22.12).

What you learn about Karana?

Karana is courageous because she didn’t stop making weapons even though the myths said other wise. Karana also killed the devil fish, several wild dogs, and plenty of fish for her meals, Rontu’s, and Rontu-Aru’s. She was courageous when she trusted Tutok, Rontu, and Rontu-Aru.

How old is Karana?

Karana, only 12 years old at the book’s beginning, turns out to be adept at hunting, building and tool-making, and quickly becomes a strong, capable young woman surviving in an unforgiving wilderness.

What type of person is Karana?

Karana is a young girl who is faced with a great challenge when she is left alone on the island for 18 years.

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Why was Karana shocked that her father?

When the Russian captain identifies himself, Karana’s father answers by giving his name. He says his name is Chief Chowig. Karana is shocked because that is her father’s secret name and he has told it to a stranger.

What does Karana name the wild dog and what does the name mean?

To her surprise, Karana is somewhat disappointed, and begins to call out for the dog. When she enters her house, however, she finds the dog inside. That night she sleeps inside the house and decides to name the dog Rontu, which means Fox Eyes.

How did Karana become friends with Rontu?

Rontu Becomes a Friend

Since she is afraid of him, she sleeps on a high rock for four nights, leaving the fence open so that he can leave, but he stays. After the fourth night, Karana names him Rontu, which means ‘Fox Eyes. ‘ Rontu becomes Karana’s constant companion as she moves about the island each day.

Why did Karana and Tutok become friends?

Tutok becomes friends with Karana when they exchange names and play games together during Tutok’s short stay on the island. The friendship between the two girls is a very important one since it’s based on understanding and communication with each other (even though they don’t even speak the same language).

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