Best answer: What does the name Hutchings mean?

‘the son of Hugh,’ from the diminutive Huchon or Huchin (later Hutchin); compare Marion for Mary, or Robin for Robert.

Where does the surname Hutchings come from?

The roots of the name Hutchings come from the Viking settlers of ancient Scotland. The name was derived from Huchon, a diminutive form of Hugh. Patronymic surnames arose out of the vernacular and religious given name traditions. This name is the equivalent of Hugh in the vernacular of Scotland.

What does the name Vought mean?

The surname Vought originates in the Latin form “vocatus” or “advocatus”and referred to someone who appeared in court on another’s behalf. As a surname, Vought is an occupational hereditary surname for a bailiff or overseer of a nobleman’s estate.

What does the name Abramson mean?

Abramson is a variation of a patronymic surname, meaning “son of Abram (or Abraham)”, the Biblical figure. It is most prevalent among American Jews.

What does the name Biondo mean?

Italian: nickname for someone with fair hair or beard or a light complexion, from biondo ‘light’, ‘fair’.

Is Hutchings an Irish name?

Hutchings is a surname of English and Scottish origin. People with the surname include: Alex Hutchings (born 1990), Canadian ice hockey player. Arthur Hutchings (1906–1989), English musicologist.

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What does the word vouge mean?

: a long-handled pike of the later medieval period resembling a halberd.

What is Vought American?

Vought-American (formerly known as Vought American Consolidated or V.A.C.), is a corporation that started out as an arms company, and were infamous for their inferior products, most notably supplying the US Navy with faulty planes towards the end of WWII, and faulty rifles to the Army during the Vietnam War.

What kind of name is Abramson?

Jewish, Dutch, and English: patronymic from Abram, a reduced form of the personal name Abraham.

Where does the name Abrahamson come from?

The background history of the name Abrahamson starts in ancient Scotland among the Pictish people. The name Abrahamson is derived from the name Abraham.

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