Best answer: What does the name Edrei mean?

Meaning of Edrei: A very great mass, or cloud.

What does edrei mean in Hebrew?

Biblical Names Meaning:

In Biblical Names the meaning of the name Edrei is: A very great mass, or cloud.

Who is edrei?

Edrei, Girl/Female means: A very great mass, or cloud. In Biblical, the name Edrei is most often used as the name of a Girl/Female. And in Biblical, the Girl/Female name Edrei means A very great mass, or cloud.

What does the name cemile mean?

The name Cemile is primarily a female name of Turkish origin that means Beautiful.

What does the name zolan mean?

According to 2 people from the United States and Australia, the name Zolan is of Greek origin and means “Son Of The Sun”.

Who is Bashan in the Bible?

Bashan was the northernmost of the three ancient divisions of eastern Palestine, and in the Old Testament it was proverbial for its rich pastures and thick forests. In New Testament times, Bashan numbered as one of the great granaries of the Roman Empire.

How do you pronounce cemile?

Name Cemile syllable is: ce-mi-le (we separated the syllables with dashes).

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