Who won the 100k dream SMP?

Who is Tubbo, the player who won the challenge? MrBeast’s Minecraft $100,000 challenge was won by Minecraft creator Tubbo, whose real name is Toby Smith. A 17-year-old English creator, Toby is close friends with fellow Dream Team creator TommyInnit and only recently began gaining popularity in the gaming world.

Who found Mr Beast’s 10000 Taco Bell?

TheEret won the $10,000 Taco Bell gift card that in the Dream SMP MrBeast Challenge. After hours of searching by several players in the Dream SMP. TheEret has found and won the $10,000 Taco Bell gift card from the entire server.

How many lives does Tubbo have left?

Despite only having one canon life left, he generally does not seem to care much about dying, and continues to act recklessly. He has also stated that if forced to choose between Tommy and Ranboo, he would rather “take himself out of the equation.”

What MCC team is Tubbo on 2021?

Tubbo (Toby Smith) is a recurring MC Championship competitor, known for his involvement in Dream SMP and collaborations with various content creators in the community. He joined the event in MCC 9 and has not won any event yet.

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