Who won Technoblade or dream?

Results. Technoblade won the duel, winning six times, while Dream had won four times.

How does Technoblade win?

The team won first place with 1,892 points, setting a record for the highest number of points gained by any team on any Minecraft Monday. Technoblade also won first place individually with 1,080 points, beating the highest individual record of the event.

Is Dream the best player of Minecraft?

Dream is simply the premier Minecraft genius and resident professional of the game. … That skillset has allowed him to be a multi-time Minecraft speedrunning record holder, and also to pull off stunts and challenges that the average Minecraft player could not even fathom being able to complete.]

Is Technoblade a Millionaire?

As of June 2021, Technoblade net worth is estimated to be $4.8 million. For someone who so young, he is considred one of the most successful YouTubers around.

Is Technoblade good or bad?

He is decent, but mainly wins because he plays smart and hypixel kids are bad. He’s pretty good, would get DESTROYED if he went on practice servers, but he has tons of gamesense and is good enough at PvP to win most fights.

What is Technoblade worth?

Technoblade is one of the biggest and most popular Minecraft content creators, overall and on YouTube and currently sits at just over 8.3 million subscribers in total.

Technoblade Net Worth.

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Real Name Dave
Net Worth $700k

Who hacked Minecraft Monday?

On January 21st 2020, EarthMC experienced extreme hacking from what staff believe are two perpetrators. They are known by the names of Reach and Zephix and they have hacked many other servers in the past, including Minecraft Monday.

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