What are the dreams of each member of the younger family?

Each adult member of the Younger family has a dream they want to fulfill using the money. The matriarch Lena, or “Mama,” wants to buy a house for her family in memory of her husband, Walter Lee wants to invest in a liquor store scheme with his buddies Willy and Bobo.

What is Mama’s Dream for the younger family?

Mama dreams of moving her family out of their cramped apartment and into a house with a yard where children can play and she can tend a garden. Her dream has been deferred since she and her husband moved into the apartment that the Youngers still inhabit.

How is the American dream expressed in each member of the younger family?

Questions for Discussion How is the American Dream expressed in each member of the Younger family: Walter, Ruth, Lena (Mama), and Beneatha? Walter: sees the American dream as being rich and living the life of his boss. To do this, he sees money as the only way to get a better life.

What does the younger family want?

They worked and dreamed of a better life in a beautiful family home with a backyard in the suburbs for themselves and their two children, until Walter Sr. died suddenly of a heart attack after years of hard, thankless labor to support his family.

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What are her dreams for the family a raisin in the sun?

Mama has dreams for her family to rise from poverty and live in a better and bigger place and also for them to continue to grow together as a family. The family’s competing dreams are emphasized by Hansberry’s recurring use of the motif–Mama’s plant. …

What is the greatest dream for her family?

A Raisin in the Sun Mama’s greatest dream for her family is to have a house where the whole family can live comfortably. In the story, she was able to fulfill this dream by placing her money as down payment for a new house which is much bigger than they currently have.

Does Beneatha ever become a doctor?

Beneatha is a twenty year-old college student with dreams of going to medical school and becoming a doctor. … Nevertheless, the family makes many financial sacrifices to make sure that Beneatha is able to get an education, even though there isn’t much money to go around.

HOW DOES A Raisin in the Sun show the American dream?

Walter, Mama’s son learns the meaning of pride and keeping what his father has earned is more important than money. The play focuses on supporting each other through rough times and learning to love. In the end, they achieve their American dream despite the color of their skin.

Does Beneatha achieve her dream?

Beneatha’s dream is to become a doctor. She believes that her dream was deferred when she was born since she is coloured and a female. Although she fights this, her dream is deferred even more when Walter looses the money which she needed to get into medical school. The final character is Walter.

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Why is the check important to the younger family?

The check represents possible financial freedom and the opportunity to pursue the various dreams of each of the family members. The check means something different to each person in the Younger family and represents numerous future possibilities. … For Mama, she dreams of a house where her family can grow and flourish.

Why does Travis need 50 cents?

What did Travis tell Ruth he needed? He told her he needed 50 cents because his teacher told him to bring it. … To not only have the 50 cents for his teacher but so that he could treat himself by buying some fruit or taking a taxicab to school.

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