Does Steven Tyler sing lead on Dream on?

“Dream On”
Label Columbia
Songwriter(s) Steven Tyler
Producer(s) Adrian Barber
Aerosmith singles chronology

Why does Steven Tyler’s voice sound different in Dream on?

But “Dream On” was the lone cut that featured a hint of his patented gruff voice — noticeable during the song’s big climax — a choice Tyler says was the result of not being sure of himself. “I changed my voice when we did the final vocals,” said Tyler in Walk This Way. “I was insecure, but nobody told me not to do it.

Who sang lead on Dream on?

Does Steven Tyler use falsetto in Dream on?

Kelly Clarkson Nails Steven Tyler’s Falsetto in Amazing “Dream On” Cover. Classic rock has officially made its way to Kellyoke. On Monday’s episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, singer Kelly Clarkson and her band performed a rocking cover of Aerosmith’s “Dream On” that will have even the biggest fans banging their heads.

Does Steven Tyler sing Mama Kin?

“Mama Kin” is a song by American hard rock band Aerosmith, which appears on their 1973 self-titled debut album. The song was written by lead singer Steven Tyler. It was a staple of Aerosmith concerts and appeared on several live albums.

What is Axl Rose’s vocal range?

Axl Rose has a very wide vocal range of six octaves, from F1 while he was singing the song “in There Was a Time“, in the 2nd-lowest octave in pitch notation, to B flat 6 while singing the song “Ain’t it Fun“, five octaves above it.

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What is Mariah Carey’s highest note?

Since, she can hit from G2-G10. The arugment is does Mariah’s have more than 5 octaves. Her music coach say that can hit notes that are two levels above C8. But, so far highest note she have hit in person or record is B7.

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