What is another name for predict?

What is the scientific term for prediction?

projection – a prediction made by extrapolating from past observations. prophecy, vaticination, prognostication – knowledge of the future (usually said to be obtained from a divine source) adumbration, foreshadowing, prefiguration – the act of providing vague advance indications; representing beforehand.

What is it called to predict?

Some common synonyms of predict are forecast, foretell, prognosticate, and prophesy. While all these words mean “to tell beforehand,” predict commonly implies inference from facts or accepted laws of nature. astronomers predicted an eclipse.

What are synonyms for prediction?

synonyms for prediction

  • forecast.
  • guess.
  • indicator.
  • prognosis.
  • prophecy.
  • conjecture.
  • horoscope.
  • hunch.

What is the other name of predictor?

What is another word for predictor?

prognosticator analyst
forecaster forward planner
seer soothsayer
diviner augur
prophet prophesier

What’s the word when you predict the future?

prognostication, prophecy. (also prophesy), soothsaying, vaticination.

What is the example of prediction?

The definition of a prediction is a forecast or a prophecy. An example of a prediction is a psychic telling a couple they will have a child soon, before they know the woman is pregnant.

What words are often in predictions?

Finally, predictions can be conveyed by means of special prediction verbs like ENVISAGE, EXPECT, FORECAST, FORESEE, FORETELL, PREDICT and PROPHESY. With I or we as subject (I predict…), they predict or relay; otherwise they usually report.

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What’s the opposite of predict?

What is the opposite of predict?

misinterpret misunderstand
neglect overlook
look back misread
misapprehend misconstrue
miscalculate misperceive

What did Lencho predict?

As Lencho had been observing the sky towards north east, he could see huge mountains of clouds approaching. Apparently, he had predicted that they would definitely get some rain. In accordance with Lencho’s prediction, big drops of rain began to fall. …

How do you predict?

How To Predict The Future In 3 Simple Steps

  1. Know All The Facts. Analysis starts with data. …
  2. Live And Breathe Your Space. The other key tool in analysis is the understanding of your market, and just as important, your primary research, which by and large means talking to people. …
  3. Forget Everything I’ve Just Said.

Is a hypothesis a prediction?

defined as a proposed explanation (and for typically a puzzling observation). A hypothesis is not a prediction. Rather, a prediction is derived from a hypothesis. A causal hypothesis and a law are two different types of scientific knowledge, and a causal hypothesis cannot become a law.

What another word for could?

What is another word for could?

would can
could perhaps could potentially
might possibly might potentially
potentially will may potentially
could possibly may actually

What’s the meaning of soothsayer?

: a person who predicts the future by magical, intuitive, or more rational means : prognosticator.

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