How did Lencho predict rain?

As Lencho had been observing the sky towards north east, he could see huge mountains of clouds approaching. Apparently, he had predicted that they would definitely get some rain. … … He compared the raindrops with new coins because the rain indicated a good harvest that year.

Who did Lencho prediction about rain come true?

Lencho had looked towards the north – east and remarked that they would get some water. His prediction came true when it started raining in the evening . Hope that this answer helps you .

How did rain come as predicted by Lencho and how did he receive it?

How did the rain come as predicted by Lencho and how did he receive it? Answer: Lencho’s wife was preparing supper(dinner). … Then, as Lencho had predicted, big drops of rain began to fall. Lencho went out to have the pleasure of feeling the rain on his body.

What was Lencho predicted?

Lencho’s predicted that there will be big drops of rain. It proved to be true, but not for long as the rain changed into hailstorm.

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What made Lencho angry?

What made him angry? Lencho became angry when he counted the money that God had sent him. He found that the money amounted to seventy pesos only whereas he had asked for hundred pesos. He believed that the post office employees have stolen the rest of the amount because God could never make a mistake.

Was the rain really a blessing?

Was the rain really a blessing? Answer: No, the rain proved to be a curse.

What is so ironic about the ending of the story?

Answer:The irony about the ending is that LENCHO who had immense faith in God is not satisfied with the behavior of human beings and his faith in GOD turns to be more powerful when Lencho gets the envelope from the post office which had money in it .

Why was Lencho in distress in the lesson a letter to God?

Answer: Both lencho as well as his family is in extreme stress after the overall damage of their entire field by the heavy storm followed by the hailstones. Due to this, he asked his favorite god for help by properly writing a letter.

What made Lencho predict a rainfall did his prediction proved to be true?

Explanation: Their only wish was a downpour and Lencho, who knew his fields intimately, predicted rain. His prediction turned true when it started raining during dinner. He went out to feel the rain and surveyed with satisfaction, his crop draped in a curtain of rain.

Who helped Lencho?

The postmaster that helped of lencho and ,,the postmaster can decided the collect money and take to lencho…… Answer: When Postmaster saw the letter he could not believe that someone had such a faith he didn’t want lenchos faith to be broken so he collected some money….

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Why did Lencho go outside?

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Lencho was a farmer who lived on the crest of a lowhill. He went out in the rain to have the pleasure of feeling the rain. He address raindrops as new coins.

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