What zodiac signs are loners?

What zodiac sign ends up alone?

However, Aquarius is also one of the zodiac signs who are most secure with themselves, and sometimes that can be seen as intimidating making Aquarius the sign that is almost always single regardless of how much they love being in a relationship.

Can Sagittarius be antisocial?

Sagittarius people love to take a risk, and often have a foolhardy sense to them that can drive more responsible star signs insane. … Ever the rebellious type, Sagittarius people might fall into Antisocial Personality Disorder if they decide that the rules of common decency shouldn’t apply to them.

What is the dark side of Capricorn?

Capricorn gets cynical, from ruminating on all the passive sheeple going toward their doom, individually or collectively. That’s when Capricorn gets morose, despairing over all that’s wrong, and how things are seemingly getting worse and worse.

What are the zodiac signs that can fight?

These zodiac signs argue and fight the most

  • 01/6These zodiac signs argue and fight the most. It gets really frustrating to talk to someone who isn’t rational enough. …
  • 02/6Leo. Leos are fierce, dramatic and can be your biggest opponents when it comes to a disagreement. …
  • 03/6Taurus. …
  • 04/6Scorpio. …
  • 05/6Gemini. …
  • 06/6Cancer.
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