What is the twelfth house in astrology?

In the sky, the Twelfth House exists just beneath the horizon: It’s quite literally the darkness before dawn. Likewise, the Twelfth House is considered the “unseen realm,” and governs all things that exist without physical forms, like dreams, secrets, and emotions.

What planet is the 12th house?

The twelfth house of the zodiac is ruled by the zodiac sign Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune. Before Neptune was found, Jupiter was viewed as the planet of Pisces, and since then it has been considered as the co-ruler of this mysterious house.

What does a strong 12th house indicate?

A strong 12th house and benefic powerful 12th ruler planet can indicate a strong personality who can leave his personal ego, personal desires and personal satisfaction and grow spiritually.

Is the 12th house bad?

Most ancient astrologers thought of the 12th house as your hidden enemies and basically, anything bad or terrible in your life. The 12th house came to be seen as loss, endings and sorrow. The 12th house, in other words, became the rubbish bin of the zodiac where all of our complexes and bad behaviors were to be stored.

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Is Mercury in 12th house good?

Mercury in 12th house in Astrology is a bad position for Mercury. However, it can make one of the best sci-fi or fantasy authors; these people also have a physic vision. … Mercury in the 12th house in Vedic Astrology also gives a dull mind unless sitting with Venus or Jupiter.

What does it mean to not have a 12th House?

Empty 12th House – there can be an ease with the past, your subconscious, and endings; the 12th house ruler can play a key role in the way you let go and connect to your subconscious.

What happens if Sun is in 12th house?

The natives of Sun in 12th house are strongly spiritual. It is said they are constantly working on their karma. … Sun in the 12th house may trigger the character of seclusion. It is likely that the person will be disciplined and will practice his rules and regulations very sternly.

What does 12th house in Gemini mean?

Gemini in the 12th House

Of course we know Gemini is a chatterbox of an air sign. When it’s in the 12th house, that can create a lot of regrets for things you’ve said, sharing others’ secrets, or feeling as if you’ll never be understood — no matter how much explaining you do. Especially by those closest to you.

What does 12th house in Scorpio mean?

A person with Pluto in the 12th house / Scorpio on the 12th house cusp is deeply private; so much, in fact, that they appear shy, light-hearted and superficial, with a touch of dreaminess. However, they have very complex emotions and subconscious, but they repress them to gain control over their being.

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What is a 12th house Profection year?

Articles about 12th house profection years tend to focus on 12th house themes—isolation, self-undoing, hidden enemies, addiction, mental health. … In the case of my 12th house profection year, my partnership relationships supported or were “hidden enemies” of my ability to work in a healthy way with 12th house themes.

Is 12th House malefic?

One important note: the planet that rules the twelfth house becomes what we call a “functional malefic.” This is because the twelfth house’s topics are generally negative, and so that planet has to be the bearer of bad news, even if it’s normally a benefic planet like Jupiter or Venus.

Is Venus in 12th house bad?

Auspicious Results of Venus in 12th House in Astrology

One with Venus in 12th House will respect elders. One will be enlightened and prosperous. One with Venus in 12th House will not lack wealth and prosperity and will not spend money uselessly. One will spend money to buy comforts.

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