What is Saitama’s zodiac sign?

As a man who cares more about mosquitoes and supermarket sales than anything else, Saitama is the everyman cursed with ultimate power. Being a true Libra, he doesn’t really like to enter unnecessary battles, choosing to play the passive observer in most cases.

What is Jack’s zodiac sign?

But there’s another question you may not have spent much time pondering: What zodiac sign are each of the Pearsons? Technically speaking, Jack, Kevin, Kate and Randall all share the same birthday—August 31—which makes them all Virgos.

What zodiac sign is Luffy?

12 Aries (Mar 21-Apr 19): Monkey D.

Luffy is the definitive adventurer.

What is Saitama’s birthday?

I’ve read in a wiki that Saitama’s birth year is 1990. Possibly based on the fist season of opm anime year (2015)…but it seems that they forgot that the original webmanga was released on July, 2009. So, if we take this year as reference, Sai would’ve born on 1984 (or 1983).

What Zodiac is Goku?

11 Taurus (Apr 21 – May 21): Goku

Dragon Ball Z’s main protagonist, Goku, is a Taurus for a variety of reasons. His practical and well-grounded nature makes him an excellent leader. Although he doesn’t ask for followers, friends look to him for guidance.

What is Sally’s sign?

Sagittarius – Sally

A Sagittarius sometimes has a hard time saying what they are actually feeling, which Sally can relate to as it takes her the majority of the movie to reveal her love to Jack outright.

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What is Sasuke’s Zodiac?

With a July 23 birthday, Sasuke is a Leo.

Can Naruto beat saitama?

Naruto’s speed has passed the speed of light and there isn’t a possible way for Saitama to defeat that. … Naruto wins by virtue of his stamina and speed. If you are faster than your enemy, it tilts the battle in your favor.

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