What is astrology good for?

The movements and positions of the planets and stars can help us understand ourselves and our place in the universe. Astrology is also a language that offers perspective, clarity, imagination, and new insights into our own movements, beliefs, and feelings.

What is the purpose of my life astrology?

Astrology can bring to light what lies at the heart of you — what your life’s purpose or work is really about, not simply how you choose to earn a living. It can help you select a job or hobby that reflects your innate character and key needs. … Your Sun sign describes a life journey and a way of living.

How do I use astrology in everyday life?

Five Tips for Using Astrology in Everyday Life

  1. Be Your Own Astrologer. One of the best ways to use astrology in your life is to become your own quasi-astrologer. …
  2. Navigating the Ups and Downs in Relationships. …
  3. Haircare According to the Moon. …
  4. Lunar Gardening. …
  5. Time and Energy Management.

Which planet is responsible for career?

Saturn’s impact- In Astrology, Saturn is called the planet of Karma. Careers connected to agriculture, labour or anything related to physical work, like constructing buildings, houses mining etc. all comes under the influence of Saturn.

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How do you know your astrology purpose?

To find your purpose in life using a natal chart you must know your house number and Midheaven. The first thing you need to do is know what your natal chart says and where your Sun sign is located. To find your Midheaven, you will also need to know when and where you were born.

How do you explain astrology to a child?

Astrology is the belief the positions of the stars and movements of the planets of the Solar System, and also asteroids and other stars, but not as much, have an influence on the events, lives, and behavior of people.

Should we believe in astrology or not?

1. Astrology has no solid evidence for whatever it says. According to astrologers, change in the motion of planets will have a change in your personality but then there so many planets other than the known ones that have been found by NASA.

Can you predict death in astrology?

Death is a rare thing in astrology, which is highly difficult to predict. … In astrology, there is no short-cut way to predict someone’s death. There are several factors and combinations that could result in death. Also, the exact time of death cannot be predicted accurately.

Can your birthday predict your future?

Despite having debunked the myth of astrology, however, scientists have found that a person’s future health can be linked to his or her birthday. The month in which people are born can influence their future, from their longevity to their profession.

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