Question: What zodiac sign is Chloe Decker?

8 Virgo: Chloe Decker.

What is Chloe’s zodiac sign?

Chloe, who’s a Cancer Sun, and Halle, who’s an Aries Sun, are siblings who take action to convert their visions into reality as a team (Aries and Cancer are cardinal signs who are the spark of a dream).

What zodiac sign is Supergirl?

8 LEO: Supergirl

Supergirl represents all of these traits, making her an obvious Leo.

Did Caliban really love Sabrina?

Caliban initially resists and seemingly leaves Hell, falling right into Sabrina’s trap. However, he eventually returns with his balls in a box (he’s made of clay; he’s fine). Sabrina’s plan backfires, as Caliban proves he really does love his Queen, and so, the wedding is on.

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