How do you calculate Upagrahas in Vedic astrology?

How is Gulika calculated?

How Gulika or Mandi is calculated. Divide the duration of the day into 8 parts. The seven parts are ruled by the lords of the days and there is no lord of the eighth part. The part which is lorded by the Saturn is Gulika or Mandi.

How many Upagraha are there?

With the exception of Yamakantaka the rest eight upagrahas are malefics and produce bad results. Yamakantaka is powerful in conferring benefits same as Jupiter but the other eight have evil influences in the bhavas (houses) they are found to occupy.

How is Pranapada calculated?

Prānapada is a certain sensitive point which can be obtained by adding twice the birth-time (in vighatis) to (a) the Sun’s longitude, (b) the Sun’s longitude + 240 degrees or (c) the Sun’s longitude + 120 degrees according as the Sun is in a moveable, fixed or common sign; the duration of one Prānapada is 15 vighatis …

What is bhava chart?

In almost all traditional practice, the twelve houses (bhāva) of a chart have the same boundaries as the twelve signs in the chart; in other words, each sign is a house in the chart. The beginning of each house is the 0th degrees of the sign and the end is the 30th degree of the sign.

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What is Yamakantaka?

In Vedic Jyotish Yamakantaka is described as the son of Bristpati (Jupiter) and thus considered to be very much auspicious in giving its results. If it is associated with any Planet by conjunction it increases the auspicious results of that Planet by many times. It gives sudden and unexpected benefic events.

What does Upagraha mean?

/upagraha/ mn. moon countable noun. A moon is an object like a small planet that travels around a planet.

What is UpaKetu?

Meanings of UpaKetu: Magic, god of love, peacock, above or beyond Ketu. The Effects of UpaKetu in Houses from Chapter 25 of Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra: The First House: Skillful in all knowledge, happy, good speaker, agreeable and very affectionate.

What is PP in Vedic astrology?

It is a special point in the horoscope that can be a part of any house in the natal chart. It is the midpoint between the Rahu and the Moon. This is a concept I understood and used it to understand my life was through an astrology consultant, Sanjeev Gadhok from Astro 786. It is also a unique part of Vedic astrology.

What is hora lagna?

One Ghati = 24 Minutes hence 2.50 Ghati means 24×2.50=60.00 Minutes. Hence divide the time of birth from sunrise by 60 minutes [to divide this convert time from sunrise in minutes] and add the quotient into longitude of Sun, This will give Hora Lagna. Example native born at 09.23 AM, Sunrise at 06.35 AM.

What is my Indu Lagna?

Indu lagna is also known as the ascendant of wealth & Prosperity. Indu lagna is analyzed to determine the financial situation of a native. It is used to determine the wealth and prosperity of the native. In Uttar Kalamrit for every planet one root number is allotted to calculate Indu Lagna.

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