How do I get rid of my debt astrology?

Worship Lord Hanuman- Chanting Hanuman Chalisa and visiting the temple of Lord Hanuman every Tuesday is considered the best remedy to clear financial debt in astrology. One should abstain from eating non-vegetarian food.

Which planet is responsible for debt?

Planet Mars is the only planet which has shown loans and debts in the horoscope, and the negative sides of the native that can be responsible for that.

What puja should be done at home to get rid of debts?

On Tuesday, go to Shiva temple and offer Masoor pulse on Shivling by chanting “Luk Mukteshwar Mahadev Namah” mantra. This measure helps the person to get rid of debt. People, who face debt situation several times, should chant “Rinmochak Mangal Stotra” mantra every day.

How do you get rid of financial problems astrology?

Astrology Remedies to improve financial status

  1. Place the cash locker or your cash cupboard in the south or south-west wall of the house and ensure that it opens in the North direction. …
  2. To attract wealth, place a mirror in front of the cash locker so that the mirror reflects the image of the locker.
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Which day is good to clear debt?

Monday– According to astrology, taking and giving loans on Monday is considered a good day and in such a situation, the debt gets repaid quickly. Tuesday- You should not take a loan on this day and if you have an old debt on this day, settling it starts yielding auspicious results.

How do I get rid of debt mantra?

Gayatri Mantra is considered one of the powerful mantra to achieve success and happiness in your life. One may get rid of all the debts and financial problems by chanting Gayatri mantra daily for 108 times.

Can we borrow money on Tuesday?

Because Tuesday is ruled by Mars, as per astrology, it is a very inauspicious day to borrow money. This is because it is believed that the repayment of loans or debts taken on a Tuesday take ages to repay the same.

Which day we should not give money?

Thursday is the day which is considered to be the worst day to give money to someone in astrology. Whenever you give money to people on this day your relation with them gets completely turmoiled and also your money never comes back.

Is Tuesday an auspicious day?

Monday and Friday are considered the best days for this. Cutting of nails Tuesday is considered inauspicious. … Do not buy or wear dark colored clothes on Tuesday. Wearing red clothes on this day reduces the effect of Mangal Dosh.

What is the auspicious time today?

Today’s Choghadiya Muhurat for Bangalore (Monday, August 9, 2021)

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Choghadiya Entry Time Auspicious /Inauspicious
Udveg 00:25:11 AM Inauspicious Choghadiya
Shoobh 01:50:32 AM Auspicious Choghadiya
Amrut 03:15:54 AM Auspicious Choghadiya
Chal 04:41:15 AM Intermediate Choghadiya
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